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Ever wondered if you could have a mobile app for your event, business, group or organisation?

WordPress powered mobile apps

Now you can, and we can make it easy for you to edit the content of your mobile app, live. Using the power of WordPress, and a feature called the REST-API, we can create your mobile apps.

This allows us to create a mobile app for you, which you can add and edit content, via the site dashboard.
Making small changes and corrections simple and straight-forward.

Development and technology have made this easier in the last few years. But, it has not been without some problems along the way. There has been a vast increase in the number of mobile apps available in the app stores.

Due to a less strict checking of the quality of the apps in the App Store, it has become flooded with poor quality apps.

Often these mobile apps use pre-built templates that remain un-edited. Meaning that there a huge amount of apps that all do the same thing, and look the same. This led to Apple placing stricter rules on the design and functionality, of the mobiles apps…

App store strict requirements on mobile apps

At the Developers Conference in 2017, Apple announced what the new regulations would be.

The new ruling says that Apple will reject mobile apps that have been “developed through a commercialized template or app generation service”. Read more about the Apple changes on the TechCrunch site. And the new rules Apple App Store Review Guidelines.

The new rules will ensure that the apps available within Apples App Store will be better quality. To have a chance of getting an app accepted means it has to meet these stricter rules.

Edit and add content to your mobile app

Having a mobile app with the ability to control and edit the content, is a huge advantage, for any business.

If you have an existing WordPress site, we may be able to adapt it to make it possible to run a mobile app from that site. We can create a site and mobile app package for you. The site can be used to also market your business. Or, we can restrict access, and only use it for the control of the content within your mobile app.

Chat with Mark to discuss requirements for your mobile app project. If your project is something that we can help you with, we can provide you with a free, no obligation quotation.

The time required, and cost for the creation of a mobile app will depend on its complexity.
Call us today and chat with Mark, and we can discuss your needs.

Call or email Mark today to discuss your Mobile Apps requirements

 Posted on: 11th January, 2018

 Author: Mark Smallman

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