Nautical-Law is the website of Mr. Sanjay Biswas, Attorney at Law. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA), the office specializes in all aspects of Admiralty and Maritime law. Covering areas including the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana’s inland waterways and across the greater United States of America.

Mr. Biswas’s areas of expertise include; Maritime Law, the Jones Act, crane injuries, union cases, accidental death, diving incidents, oil and gas workers as well as inland waterway workers.

The WordPress website is one of several projects we have completed for this particular client.

The site has been created using WordPress, as a CMS (Content Management System). This allows our client to be able to easily manage and create their own content on their site.

Nautical Law, Louisiana

The theme we produced for the WordPress site is responsive, meaning that will ‘morph’ it’s layout to suit all screen sizes and shapes. So it can be easily viewed and read on everything from smart-phones and tablets, to laptops and desktops.

As well as creating the site to allow the content to adjust for a range of screen sizes, the navigation menu was also given some responsive attention to make it more useable on smaller screens.

As with all our sites, care was taken to ensure fast page load times, and that the site was search engine friendly. Only the bare minimum plugins and scripts are used to ensure there is no unnecessary ‘code bloat’ (un-required code).

Nautical-Law was built on an Apple Mac using:
  • Underscores base theme
  • Foundation Framework
  • Sublime Text, Build 3083
  • CodeKit, version 2.3.10
  • Adobe Photoshop for image preparation
  • Adobe Illustrator for vector graphic creation
  • Chrome DevTools for debugging & testing
  • Firefox Developer Edition, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer (v10) for testing on desktops
  • Safari & Chrome for iPad & iPhone testing
  • Google Chrome on Android for testing

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 Posted on: 13th January, 2018

 Author: Mark Smallman

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