Defibrillator Services N.I.

Defibrillator Services N.I. is a relatively new business, owned and run by James ‘Jock‘ McGowan.
Jock brought together his 36-years experience as a volunteer and staff member of the British Red Cross, and his qualifications in first-aid training, to create a business to full-fill the need for a company that could supply, service and train clients in the use of defibrillators in Northern Ireland.

Defibrillator Services NI

Being a new business, Jock did not want to spend a huge amount on the creation of a web presence.
However, using the power and facilities offered within WordPress, we where able to meet his needs and budget.

The site utilises custom post-types and custom-meta fields to allow Jock to easily manage the content on the site.

The custom theme created for the site, allows the site to be easily viewed on mobile devices, and all content is fully responsive to meet the needs of screens sizes and displays available today.

Careful attention was paid to page load times, ensuring that all content displayed within the site does not slow down page load times, making even easier to view on mobile devices while on-the-go.

Defibrillator Services N.I. was built on an Apple Mac using:

  • Underscores base theme
  • Foundation Framework
  • Sublime Text, Build 3083
  • CodeKit, version 2.3.10
  • Adobe Photoshop for image preparation
  • Adobe Illustrator for vector graphic creation
  • Chrome DevTools for debugging & testing
  • Firefox Developer Edition, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer (v10) for testing on desktops
  • Safari & Chrome for iPad & iPhone testing
  • Google Chrome on Android for testing

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 Posted on: 14th January, 2018

 Author: Mark Smallman

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